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Ted Nugent’s Laundry

January 10, 2018 0 comments

Shortly after I moved in with Joe, we went for a stroll to explore the shops, bars, and antique stores on nearby…

The Program

January 3, 2018 0 comments

An oft-cited statistic regarding AA’s success rate puts it at 5-8%, yet the study is based on imaginary figures and nebulous data. I’ve…

Resting Bitch Face

January 2, 2018 0 comments

The featured picture above was taken two months ago (by the phenomenal Amanda Elmore). I like it for many reasons, not least…

Onward Through The Blog

January 1, 2018 0 comments

My first blog was on MySpace, its inception sparked by the growing awareness that, at eight years sober, I’d yet to open…

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